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Nottingham NHS STP Plan

The Sustainability and Tranformation Plan for Nottingham NHS had been published at The plan has to provide for £628 million of cuts from the projected funding required over the next five years.

People may wish to ask the STP team why the STP is being drafted on the basis of funding that is already clearly insufficient and how the NHS will be safe and effective under these plans :,

And perhaps also direct similar questions to the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) at:

Nottingham Healthwatch have commented that:
"It's going to be very difficult and at the end of the day I do genuinely believe we need to find more resources as well as making greater efficiencies. I believe there will have to be more funding....We have been invited to meetings and looked at the plan. I am not critical of the STP as it stands – what I think is it's very ambitious and I remain to be convinced that it can be achieved without the pain we have talked about."
While the local branch of the The Royal College of Nursing state that :
"It's staggering that such significant plans that are going to change the structure of the NHS have been devised with barely a word of conversation with the public about what the change will mean...It is impossible to cut £500 million to £600 million from the NHS and somehow not having a significant and adverse impact on firstly the availability of health care services on which public depend and also the quality of those services in our view..."

38Degrees are running a campaign to halt the implementation of the STP's. The campaign quotes Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt saying that the NHS should be "finding a way forwards to the kind of budgetary arrangements you would have in [US Healthcare companies] Valencia or Kaiser Permanente". 38Degrees also advised people to "..write to our CCGs, Councillors and MPs to say Stop the Contracts!..."

BFTF has contacted the STP Team and the CCG with the following :
The implementation of the STP plans for Nottingham should be halted until a proper public consultation has been undertaken. I am horrified by the possibility that the STP's may lead to US-style organisation structures. The US Healthcare system is not a model that this country should be following.

I am fearful that the STP will result in increased involvement from private healthcare companies who will load up their operations with debt, fleece the taxpayer, avoid tax and avoid responsibility for any wrongdoings.

I would like to see the discussion move towards answering the question of why there is a growing funding deficit in the first place, given that we live in one of the richest countries in the world and yet spend a relatively low percentage of our GDP on healthcare.

The NHS is the most beautiful thing about this country and I see STPs as a threat to it. What can you do to ensure that the STP plans are not pushed through without sufficient scrutiny?

Update (12th Jan) : Received the following feedback from the STP team:

"After the initial period of feedback ends on 16th February, we will produce a report of the key messages from all feedback received including how we are going to take this forward. We will send you a link to that report when it is complete...

...We are carrying out a listening exercise now in order to hear as many people’s views as possible, giving people like yourself the opportunity to have their say. Should proposals emerge where formal public consultation is appropriate, then we will, in addition, hold a public consultation on those specific proposals. We will of course seek to honour all legal and statutory obligations and adhere to best practice in this regard. We are holding a series of public events in January and February and I attach further information on dates and venues."

Tuesday 24 January 10am-12 noon
City Ground (Nottingham Forest Football Club), NG2 5FJ

Thursday 9 February 2017 6-8pm
Newark Town Hall, NG24 1DU

Friday 10 February 2017 2-4pm
Mansfield Central Library, NG18 1NH

Wednesday 22 February 2017 5-7pm
Council House, Nottingham NG1 2DT
(BSL interpreters will be available at this event)

(There is also an event for NUH NHS Trust public members from 10am to 12 noon on Tue 31st Jan at the Education Conference Centre, Nottingham City Hospital, NG5 1PB.)

The public events will include a presentation on the draft STP and examples of how things might change in the way local services are delivered. There will be an opportunity for people to discuss the five ‘high impact areas’ outlined in the plan, provide feedback and suggest other areas for focus. To register your interest in attending any of the events above please call Rosie Atkin on 0115 883 5159 or email Please let us know if you have any specific access requirements.
NHS STP Public events 

BFTF bounced back to the STP team with :
"I remain deeply concerned that acceptance of reduced funding in being built into the STP, when I feel that the STP's should be very clear about the effects that reduced funding, PFI committments, reduction in social care funding etc are having on provision of services and should be pushing back hard to demand the funding that is required to deliver the services that the people of this city deserve."
See also comments and other background at The Kings Fund ; Patients4NHS; a BMJ blog ; HuffPo. See also reports by the Health Foundation on: Comparisons to other Countries
Current NHS Spending in the UK

38 Degrees "NHS Crisis Tracker" here. Nottinghams situation is that 21% of A&E attendees are only seen after 4hrs (max should be 5%) and there is a £628million funding gap)

See also another petition from 38 Degrees, this relates to fears that the Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens [previously global ops president for United Health of America] has created a plan to solve winter A&E crises by CLOSING more A&Es, thinking that . He thinks if you close hospitals people will stop using them...To work [STP plans]they have to be able to prove they can clear their massive debts within a year. To do that they have to close services and sell land and hospitals.

...Simon Stevens says that to make the NHS affordable we, the public, must get used to no longer having a major hospital within easy reach...In 2013 there were 140 full A&E hospitals in England. We could be be left with between 40-70 A&Es. Closing A&Es is very bad for your health.

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