Friday, 20 June 2014

The "Aspiration Wall" at St Ann with Emmanuel Church, Nottingham

Recently, BFTF happened to be at the St. Ann with Emmanuel Church in St.Anns with the 92nd Scout Group (and the 4th Scout Group. The Scouts were acting out and discussing various Christian parables to try and tease out the moral message that lay behind them.

Wile this was going on, BFTF had a look around and was entranced by the "Aspiration Wall" on which children had placed paper "bricks" with a note about their aspirations (either for themselves or for others). Some of the notes were very touching and, with the Church's permission, are shown below..

Rev Karen Rooms listening to the Scouts,
with the "Aspiration Wall" in the background

When I get older I whant To be a Teacher

I wont to bey a under civer coper

I want to get a level 6 in Sats.
I want to go to Nottingham High School

Oh Allah I would like to be a Dentist lady
(suspect this was written by a Muslim visitor)

Lots of youngsters wanting to be footballers

I pray that my nan gets better

Also I want to be kind to my friend

I want my cosen to get bettr

I want to be my Dad my Dad is kind

I want to make my gradma better

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rubber Loom Band creations

There is a craze at the moment for a craft-based activity involving the creation of bracelets and other items from woven elastic bands.

It turns out that Mrs BFTF isn't at all bad at that particular gig, so here are pictures of some of the stuff what she has made...


More Bracelets

Mermaid Princess

An Owl

Spiderman and Elsa

A Strawberry

A Waabit

Monday, 16 June 2014

The "Deen Riders" ride for Caudwell Children on 21st June 2014

BFTF has previously posted about the rather awesone "Deen Riders" and their campaign to help civilians in Syria back in 2013.

Now the Deen Riders have turned their attention to a cause much closer to home - that of "Caudwell Children", a national charity who :
"...provide family support services, equipment, treatment and therapies for disabled children and their families across the UK. We also run our Enable Sport programme for talented disabled athletes and our Destination Dreams holiday for children fighting life threatening conditions... we are motivated to improve the lives of the estimated 770,000 disabled children living in the UK, starting with the 400,000 living in or on the margins of poverty."

The Deen Riders will be doing this, inshallah, by a fundraising bike trip to Cornwall on 21st June 2014 - and you can suppport them by donating on their JustGiving Page, which has this heartfelt message:

"We say we care about our community and we claim to understand the needs of the distressed, yet so many of us are oblivious to what really goes on. How many of us can say we know what it's like to have to tend to a child who is constantly in pain or discomfort? How much rest do you think a mum would get with that to deal with?

Deen Riders have organised a sponsored ride to help Caudwell Children...We will be riding to cornwall to visit a family in need of specialist equipment. Our aim is to raise money to go towards the crisis fund. This will help families who have been struck with the reality that their new edition to the family has a disability.

Come on guys. You know this is a worthwhile cause so let's not hit low numbers here. Let's make a real difference for the children who need you now."

To BFTF's mind, the Muslim community in the UK needs to do a better job of supporting charitable causes that are not focussed on Muslims, but are instead directed towards fulfilling needs in wider society - just like the Deen Riders are doing in this campaign.

BFTF is proud to be a donor to this effort and hopes you will be too.

And also wishes success to the Deen Riders in their ride, and to Caudwell Children in their efforts to ease the lives of so many diaabled children and their families.

The Deen Riders in Nottingham in 2013

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Challenging CatEye on the sustainability of their packaging

BFTF recently bought a CatEye Volt 300 bicycle light to allow cycling in the dark, even where there are no streetlights.

It is a great bit of kit, and amply lights up the road in front during a night ride, so technically a pretty good choice it seems.

The CatEye Volt 300 is a great bike light -
but is the packaging from a sustainable source?

But BFTF was disappointed that the card packaging did not appear to be made from sustainbly sourced card. At £44-£50, it's not a cheap product so BFTF can't see how cost could be a reason for not using sustainably sourced card in the packaging. The CatEye website does not provide any answers, with searched for "sustainability" or "environment"

Update 17th June
Received an email from Zyro saying that both the packaging and the manual were made from reclycled paper, as per the logo on the bottom of the packaging, and attached the image below:

"This is made of recycled paper"

That would be the logo that BFTF completely failed to notice then....

Oh dear, this is a little embarrasing.

But well done to CatEye for doing the right thing!

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