Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nottingham - Tiltshifted

BFTF has been entranced by the "Tiltshifted" images that have appeared in the media over recent months, and can't quite get over how they mess with your mind.

So, here a few pics of Nottingham taken by BFTF, and then tiltshifted via TiltShiftMaker so that they make Nottingham look like a dinky little model city! (All pics can be clicked to enlarge)

A60 Mansfield Road

A boat moored on the River Trent

Nottingham Canal

Colwick Park

Trent Bridge

The Embankment


British Waterways Building


The Ring Road

More Ring Road

Rushcliffe Country Park

Wollaton Park

More Wollaton Park

I think that's enough Wollaton Park for now...

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