Saturday, 7 September 2013

Pictures of the Sky

BFTF loves clouds and the sky, believing that that are a most beautiful, free, daily, constantly changing artwork that is ours to admire and enjoy - if only we can take the trouble to look up....

Wow! 2015

Interesting lighting in Bobbers Mill, 2015

Textbook. Aug 2014

A rainbow over the Embankment Suspension Bridge, Aug 2014

A cloud with a scarf! Nutbrook Trail, Aug 2014

Indian Jones Sunset, Derbyshire, Aug 2014

Supermooon (+/- 1 day). Aug 2014

Beautiful, wispy clouds - Aug 2014

Looks to me like a child has coloured the sky in with a crayon! Aug 2014

Love the contrasts in colour here. Bright sun was behind me,
with dark clouds ahead of me -  Aug 2014

Evening Sky, Nottingham, Jun-Jul 2014

Dark skies, Still water and a rainbow over the Trent,
Nottingham, Jun-Jul 2014

Whispy, high altitude, ice crystal clouds.
Notttingham Mar 2014

A cloud with a hole in it!.
Notttingham Feb 2014

Misty Sunrise, Derbyshire, Dec 2013

World Class Sunset, Radford, Dec 2013 Pic 1 of 2

World Class Sunset, Radford, Dec 2013 Pic 2 of 2

Sunset sky, Riverside Retail Park, Nov 2013

Sunrise, Derbyshire, Nov13

Dawn, Derbyshire, Nov 13

All looking rather Biblical over the Memorial Gardens, Sep 2013

Something of a 1941 Battle of Britain stylee vapour trail thing
going on here at IKEA retail park, Sep 2013

A very solid looking layer of cloud coming in over Radford, Sep 2013

Beautiful clouds at sunset, Sep 2013

Super Hi-Res Double Rainbow, Sep 2013

Streetlight and tree, West Bridgeford, Sep 2013

Streetlights and Trees, West Bridgeford, Sep 2013

University of Nottinghams Trent Building against some full-on cloudage

A foggy night, winter 2012/13

Sunset, winter 2012/13

A pristine blue sky, marked only by a vapour trail
from a plane going who knows where? Winter 2012/13

Now THAT is what I call a cloud. . .

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