Saturday, 9 February 2013

Star Wars, Pallets, Physics and Music at Light Night 2013

BFTF and No3 son happened to spend a little time at the “Light Night” event in Nottingham City Centre recently and have to say that it was a rather wonderful event.

There were numerous outdoor and indoor events, of which BFTF was only able to visit very few (in particular, BFTF was gutted that he did not catch the Daleks in front of the Theatre Royal). You can get a flavour of the full extent of what was available here,

No3 son was chuffed to see Star Wars characters by the Robin Hood Statue and even more chuffed that Darth Maul agreed to his challenge for a light sabre fight…

No3 Son vs Darth Maul, the Force was with the young Padawan...

Another installation that BFTF caught was the “Physics Buskers” crew on the front of the Council House. These volunteers from the Physics department of the University of Nottingham were demonstrating, amongst other things, how light sources differ spectroscopically and why the sky is blue.

Magic, by Phyics...

No3 Son, entranced by the spectrum of a lightbulb

Physics Buskers was popular, could this be a Jim Al-Khalili effect?

The Architecture department at the University of Nottingham had brought along their “Fleeting Retreat” installation that was made from pallets and binding, which you can read more about here.

The Fleeting Retreat

And, lastly, BFTF and No3 son were also at the, surprisingly good, school band performances at St Peters Church…

The School Bands played material ranging from O Fortuna to a song by Iggy Pop!

BFTF will defo be looking to be at Night Light 2014 !

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