Friday, 9 November 2012

2012 BNP Flyer

BFTF was disturbed to find that the BNP was distributing flyers in Luton that appeared to have come straight out of 1930s Germany (and BFTF does not use that analogy lightly) - with the exception that instead of hate cariacatures of Jews, it was Muslims that the BNP were now choosing to portray as the evil menace in our midst.

BFTF wonders whether this is part of the fun of political debate and that the Muslim community should just grin and bear it, or whether this qualifies as an inciteful document and should not be allowed.

So BFTF has asked the local council and MP what (if anything) would happen if the BNP started distributing flyers like this in Nottingham.

BNP Flyer distributed in Luton in October 2012

Update : 11 Dec 12
The sympathetic Council response included the following advice should such a leaflet be distributed in Nottingham:

"...citizens, mosques and groups can individually report this as racial or religious harassment or hate crime - our community officers would support them to report it to the Police and Stop Hate UK...."
The Council also suggeested the person to ask how the Police would react to such a leaflet was the Police and Crime Commissioner, so BFTF did .

Update : 13 Dec 12
The Office of the PCC forwarded BFTF's question to the Office of the Chief Constable, as it related to an operational matter. They responded with remarkable speed, sending a pdf letter which stated that distribution of leaflets similar to that shown above would very likely fall under the offence of "distribute written material to stir up racial hatred" which is contrary to sections 19(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

The letter added that if BFTF (or presuambly anyone else) became aware of leaflets similar to that above being distributed they should report the matter to their local Police station immediately.

Update : 13 Dec 12
Also received a reassuring response from the local (Labour) MP stating that:
"The BNP leaflet you forwarded from Bedfordshire was truly shocking and clearly intended to undermine community relations...After the failed prosecution of Nick Griffin in 2006 the then Labour Government passed the Racial and Religious Hatred Act to strengthen existing provisions against incitement, making it a specific offence to incite religious hatred...I certainly don't believe that the Muslim community, or people from any community, should view this disgraceful and divisive literature as a normal part of the political process."
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