Friday, 13 July 2012

View from No3 : Celebration of Sport

Some comments from No3 son about the "Celebration of Sport" school sports event he participated in this week:

First we were on so we did an obstacle course. There was a hurdle and a sack that we had to go through, it was dark in the sack but I tried to handle it. Then we did some basketball. I tried to hit it but I missed so when my school cheered I used that as confidence to help me on.

Now football! I tried my best and so I scored. The egg and spoon race was good for my team because we were very goot at it. Luckily, no-one dropped the egg.

Now that we had finished it was the medal ceremony. In third place was Poland. second p;ace was India, first place was France. I was devastated that we didn't win a medal but the good thing was we got to have something to eat.

Now other people were doing different sports, e.g. long jump, 60m sprint, seated throw etc.

In the Yr3 Girls category we had one bronze medallist. The Yr 3 boys did good enough to get a bronze medal but it was close to a silver. Yr 4 girls and boys were miserable because they had no medals.

The Yr 5 girls and boys were celebrationg because they had gold medals in the 60m sprint.

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